February 7 on 7

A new year. New projects. New goals. Hopeful. Open. Inspired. This is what 2018 looks like for me.
 A goal of mine for 2018 is to be more creative. Just for the sake of exercising that muscle. No particular end product. Even if it's only to get my fingers messy and enjoy the process.
I'm so happy to be participating in a photography project again this year. It's just a little one, no rules, just seven (or so) images on the seventh of the month. Easy Peasy. I needed a push to get the camera out and exercise that creative part of me again. I need a reminder to slow down and see the details. As my approach is more about content that I want documented, and not necessarily upping my post processing skills, I've only adjusted a bit for white balance and a little cropping. It's about the moment and the memories for me.

 This month I've spent time with the grands, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching them explore and try new things. 
Miss E came over for the afternoon and made cookies. Mixed the dough, rolled it out, cut the cookies, decorated and baked them. She has become quite independent and accomplished and it makes my heart happy to see how much confidence she has. 
The other thing that made my heart happy was watching her use the same wooden rolling pin I have used since I was her age. It's one my Grandfather made just for my small hands.

Mr. M loves to have snack with me and his favorite snack is a big bowl of fresh fruit.
Cutting fruit up for his own snack is a natural for him now.

Miss L is so busy, little hands learning and doing.

Miss L loves music and singing and dancing. Especially when Daddy plays for her.

Santa brought her some of her own instruments, now she gets to play along with Daddy.

February brought a new little sweetheart to the family.
Puppy breath and tiny paws and oh so much fun.

I joined Wanderlust 2018 as another push to get my hands messy and explore new creative projects. This was from my favorite lesson so far, creating my own dynamic journaling pages. Pieces that can be used in my art journal projects. Each one mine, each one unique.

It's been a busy month.

The other cool part of this photography 'project' is participating with so many other lovely, talented ladies. I hope you can take the time to click HERE to see Sandra's post for this month. Then  click the link at the end of her post and the next, and the next for a round-robin of photos from our 7 on 7 community.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a wonderful theme you have going there. I love the uniqueness of hands and what they express. I especially love the last one. Promise of the mess and work and I wonder what you created. Congrats on the new puppy. I bet you'll enjoy the four-legged company again.

  2. What wonderful memories you are creating with you grands. I love the rolling pin photo and the story behind it. How wonderful.

  3. oh the hands, i love this theme and love that you included your own.
    so wonderful to have the rolling pin to share with a new generation.

  4. Little hands and puppy paws! A perfect start to our 7 on 7 this year. Love it, Miss Mo.